Monday, June 19, 2017

Practice-- Norway and Heaviness

These images are from a week and a half trip to Norway in the early springtime. I was able to bring one the trip a stack of watercolor paper and a large watercolor kit.  I had several days to explore the mountains in Lillehammer and spent the day climbing and painting. Out of this experience,  I found some new visual forms that expressed weight like nothing I have done before. I had also never seen such steep mountains. Everywhere I looked there were waterfalls and these worked away at the rocks, Except for when the waterfall was so long that the water simple dissipated into the air before it ever hit the ground. 

One mountain trail lied along a waterfall that winded continuously down the mountain, It was this location I painted the waterfalls. While paintings these works, it became clear that leaving the water blank and unpainted was what needed to be explored, The rendered rock and the absent water.  I saw the water as slowly wearing away at the rock and felt it was a condition that connected to my practice regarding things that are and were, things that are erased. 

Aside from heaviness, these forms remind me of that which is  unbearable, wild, unrefined, unmanageable, and unstable. 

* note the bridge on the right hand side of the above image for scale

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